1. LCCT provides learning opportunities to Early Childhood pupils in a supportive learning environment that will enrich pupils’ fundamental learning and logical and critical thinking skills for creatives and independent academic undertakings.
  2. LCCT creates a socially stimulating learning environment in the community, teamwork, and leadership values of the pupils will be synergistically developed through pupils, parents and teacher’s collaboration.
  3. LCCT encourage the pupils to grow in his/her Catholic Faith and Gospel Values through genuine and active participation in the exposure, outreach programs, religious and other spiritual activities.
  4. LCCT nurture pupils’ emotional development for them to reach their potentials as grade school pupils through a caring, safe, and family-like environment.
  5. LCCT promotes physical awareness of one’s capabilities, self-confidence, self-esteem, and appreciate others’ talents and skills through extra and co-curricular activities. 
  6. LCCT advocate St. Augustine’s ideals of Community of Friends and Teachings for a holistic approach in delivering Augustinian-Catholic Education.