Grade 9 to 10

In an atmosphere enlivened by the Gospel of the Compassionate Christ and manifested in a community of friends, LCCT seeks to develop Christian Nationalist Filipino Graduates with knowledge, skills and competence to meet the needs of the time and of the church and who are committed to establish God’s kingdom of Justice, Freedom, Peace and Love through evangelization.

  1. To deepen faith-life through a holistic program of religious formation.
  2. To strengthen basic knowledge, skills, values, and attitude needed to meet the challenges of higher education.
  3. To equip the learners with technical, entrepreneurial and scientific skills needed to meet challenges of the global society.
  4. To provide the necessary academic and non-academic experiences and exposures that will develop life skills like flexibility, initiative, critical thinking, collaboration, productivity, and leadership.
  5. To develop holistic ways of looking at life and its challenges through integrated circular and co-curricular programs.
  6. To imbibe the spirit of Christ’s compassion through the examples of St. Augustine, Mo. Rita and Mo. Consuelo.