Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Choose this track if you want a career in science and technology programs such as:
Engineering, Architecture, Information Technolog, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Maritime, Mathematics, and Statistics

Accountancy, Business and Management

This track focus on business or management principles such as Accounting, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, and HRM

Humanities and Social Sciences

This is for the students who want to pursue a social science-related programs in highers education such as Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Languages, Communication, and Teacher Education


This strand will lead the students to college degree programs in Tourism, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality Management.


This track is for the students who want to learn more about programming, computer servicing and animation. ICT strand will lead them to college degree programs in Animation, Computer Science, Information Technology and other related IT courses. This strand will also equip the graduates with the necessary skills and competencies fitting for employment as they earned National Certification II from TESDA.