Regional Integration of ASAS schools in a Unified System

Sr. Emilia Lacuarta, OSA, has decided to integrate LCCT and LCCB. It holds the name of Unified La Consolacion College – South Luzon (ULCC-SL)

SY 2012-2013


Ms. Remedios Molinyawe together with other academic administrators started the implementation of K-12 program of DepEd. This program covers Kinder Garten & 12 Basic Education. Foreign Language such as Spanish and Nihongo were also added in the curriculum.


PAASCU Level II Accreditation of LCCT

The Grade School and High Department was granted Level II re-accreditation, which means another 5 years of level II Status

UbD Implementation
SY 2010-2011

Understanding by Design

Ms. Remedios Molinyawe, High School Principal and Mrs. Erlinda Padilla, Grade School Principal started the implentation of UbD.

Emerald Jubilee

Sapphire Year of LCCT

Sr. Emilia Lacuarta, OSA, bent on achieving innovative and transformative education for the students and professional growth for the entire personnel.

College Department
First Graduation Rites
March 31, 2007

LCCT Higher Education First Commencement Exercises

College Department celebrate its 1st graduation rites with 13 graduating students from BSA, BSED, BEED, and BSBA.


PAASCU Accreditation

The much-awaited formal survey visit of the accreditation body was materialized on September 8-9 for the High School Department and September 15-16 for the Grade School Department. LCCT Victoriously passed the PAASCU accreditation which was formally announced on November 25, 2003.


A ground-breaking was held on August 18, 2002 as a prelude to the construction of a four-storey building that eventually housed the High School and Collge Departments.

During this year, CHED granted permits to offer tertiary courses such as BEED with specialization in English, Mathematics, and Filipino; BSED major in English, Mathematics, and Filipino; BSA, BSBA major in Management, Computer Management, Marketing Management, and Banking and Finance; and Bachelor of Arts. The last program was phased out the following year.

Golden Jubilee

OLFA celebrated a Golden Jubilee week-long celebration

Continual Improvement for Stability and Growth

The new Principal-Directress, Sr. Concepcion Leopoldo, OSA named the newly built buildings as “St. Augustine Building”. The school also came up with a multi-purpose hall and a gymnasium with the help and support of the high school graduates from 1989-1994.

Revolutionizing the Catholic-Augustinian Education

Sister Ma. Fidelis encouraged everyone to subscribe and adopt the Catholic School System Development (CS-SD) program which helped the school to promote efficiently the formation of personnel, systematize operations and elevate standards in accomplishing long-term plans of the school for voluntary accreditation and quality assurance.

Revitalizing Students’ Potential

In 1970, Sister Susana Agudelo, OSA and Sister Adelina Segismundo, OSA re-engineer the school activities to emphasize the holistic development of students.

OLFA Alumni Association was launched in 1973.

Transforming the Barung-Barung
School into OLFA

On October 24, 1948, the school building which housed the thirty five (35) pioneer students of Our Lady of Fatima (OLFA) was inaugurated. The building had only three classrooms, a small library, a canteen, and a quarter for the four sisters. With the fervent aspiration of Sor Encarnacion to make the academy known to the public. The people in Tanauan considered OLFA as one of the best learning institutions in the region.

The Church and Augustinian Education

The Augustinian Friars first began the establishment of the various catholic schools both for basic education and high learning here in the Philippines and one of the many parishioners who benefited from the mission of the church to serve and liberate people through the education were those from Tanauan, Batangas.

Our Lady of Fatima (OLFA)
was established
June 20, 1948

Sor. Encarnacion de los Remedios, OSA, a native of Tanauan, headed the three nuns, namely: Sor. Maria del Sagrado Corazon, OSA, Fernanda de San Jose, and Maria Josefa de la Purificacion, OSA, in organizing and administering the early teaching and apostolate of the congregation.