LCCT provide learning opportunities to Grade School pupils in a supportive learning environment that will enrich pupils’ fundamental learning and logical and critical thinking skills for creatives and independent academic undertakings .

LCCT provides the necessary academic and non-academic experiences and exposures that will develop life skills as flexibility, initiative, critical thinking, collaboration, productivity and leadership.

LCCIANS are equipped with technical, entrepreneurial and scientific skills needed to meet the challenges of the global society.

LCCT aims to develop holistic ways of looking at life and its challenges through integrated curricular and co-curricular programs.

Unified La Consolacion College – South Luzon, as a Catholic Augustinian Marian Educational System commits itself to the holistic formation of 21st-century learners.


ULCC-SL Vision as a Catholic Augustinian Marian Educational System, commits itself to holistic formation of the 21st century learners.


As we nurture a system of ASOLC unified learning communities in Laguna and Batangas, we assume the responsibilities of:   (1) Providing innovative and transformative education for lifelong learning; (2) creating sustainable community involvement and extension programs, and; (3) utilizing functional research projects for the development of ULCC-SL campuses, industry, educational pedagogies, and communities.

Core Values

Our core values are represented by the acronym ULCC-SL: U-Unity in Truth, L- Loyalty, C-Compassion, C-Committed to Competence, S-Service to God and Country , L-Love of Creation,